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NHANCE MEMOGRO is a multivitamin syrup for kids thoroughly formulated to help meet the nutritional needs of children especially during periods of increased physical activity, rapid physical growth, and more active mental development. Moreover, NHANCE MEMOGRO is a premier dietary supplement that carries all the key nutrients such as Vitamin D3 for strong bones, TAURINE that helps develop children’s cognitive function, LUTIEN that helps support eye health, and CHLORELLA GROWTH FACTOR to help promote growth.


Sodium Ascorbate + Taurine + L-Lysine + Niacinamide + dl-alpha Tocopheryl acetate + Chlorella Extract + Vitamin B6 HCl + Vitamin B2, Phosphate + Vitamin B1 + Centella Extract, Powder + Grapeseed Extract + Vitamin A + Lutein + Vitamin D3 + Vitamin B12 USP.